Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is located in the northwest corner of Georgia. Approximately 75% of Lookout Mountain is in Alabama and 25% is in Tennessee and Georgia. Along with Sand Mountain, Lookout Mountain constitutes a large portion of the southernmost end of the Cumberland Plateau. Lookout Mountain’s summit is called High Point and it is 2,392 ft. above sea level.

The Cherokee Indians who lived on Lookout Mountain were expelled by the State of Georgia and their land was distributed in a series of lotteries between 1805 and 1832. Most of Lookout Mountain ended up being owned by a few wealthy families from Chattanooga, Tennessee. On November 24, 1863, the famous Battle of Lookout Mountain was fought between Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s Military Division of the Mississippi and the Confederate Army of Tennessee commanded by General Braxton Bragg. The Union Army defeated the Confederate forces at Lookout Mountain and thereby opened a gateway into the Deep South.

Commercial development on Lookout Mountain began when a former candy salesman named Garnet Carter and his wife Frieda opened the Fairyland Inn during the 1930’s. Garnet Carter had an idea to build the world’s first miniature golf course in order to attract guests and his idea worked like a charm. Frieda was also a creative entrepreneur and she conceived of Fairyland Caverns where fairytale characters enacted popular scenes. Fairyland Caverns became immensely popular with tourists.

By the time World War II began, Garnet and Frieda Carter had changed the name of their attraction to Rock City and it was a major stopping point for tourists. By 1960, Rock City had become so famous that Life Magazine featured it on the cover and Mother Goose Village was added. Rock City is now the most popular tourist attraction at Lookout Mountain.

Real estate in areas near Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a city located on Lookout Mountain in Walker County. According to the U.S. Census in 2002, the population of Lookout Mountain was 1,617, the average job salary was $41,516, the median household income was $62,045 and the median cost of a home was $186,700. Almost 17% of the homes in the City of Lookout Mountain are occupied by renters and a significant number of properties are primarily vacation homes.

New residential developments such as Lookout Highlands, Lookout Crest and Bee Gap have brought modern luxurious lifestyles to Lookout Mountain that had previously not existed there. The most prized development land is along The Brow, a series of rock cliffs that rise 1,000 ft. above the valley floor. Views from The Brow are spectacular and available lots are considered to be premium properties. Residents of Lookout Mountain are fortunate to be able to enjoy natural scenery with beautiful foliage all year round, hiking trails leading to waterfalls and streams filled with trout.

Lodging, shopping, dining and entertainment

Many private mountain cabins and cottages are available for rent on Lookout Mountain through local real estate agents. There are also two intriguing bed and breakfast inns. At over 1,800 ft. above sea level, the Chanticleer Inn rents 17 luxuriously appointed guest rooms and 5 separate cottages. The Garden Walk Bed & Breakfast Inn has 6 guest rooms and 2 spacious suites that are uniquely decorated with different movie themes to evoke romance, fantasy and nostalgic memories.

The entire area surrounding Lookout Mountain in Georgia is heavily forested with only limited commercial development. There are a few specialty stores, small restaurants and cafes in the City of Lookout Mountain. Residents usually drive to Chattanooga in Tennessee for their major food shopping and non-food shopping needs as well as for restaurant dining, movies and other kinds of entertainment.

Most people live in Lookout Mountain or in the surrounding countryside because the kind of entertainment they enjoy is either inside at home or outdoors in the wilderness. Residents enjoy walking, jogging, bicycling and hiking daily. Together with tourists, residents can also go fishing, swimming, boating, and enjoy all the different sports activities that can be found in the North Georgia Mountains.

On the western edge of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon State Park is one of the most scenic parks in Georgia. Cloudland Canyon State Park straddles a deep gorge cut into Lookout Mountain by Sitton Gulch Creek where elevations change rapidly from 1,980 ft. to 800 ft. At the bottom of the gorge, two waterfalls cascade over layers of sandstone and shale into pools below. 16 rental cottages are located near the canyon edge and the park also contains 30 walk-in campsites, 73 tent, trailer and RV campsites, 11 back country campsites and a group lodge that accommodates 40 guests. The 3,485 acre Cloudland Canyon State Park also offers a wide variety of recreational activities such as swimming, camping, hiking, tennis, disc golf and picnicking.