North Georgia Shopping

Many cities in North Georgia have implemented a concept called new urbanism in their historic districts where multiple types of development are combined in a concentrated area. New residential developments are intermingled with art galleries, cafes, restaurants, clothing boutiques, gift stores, antique stores and professional offices to offer a wide variety of goods and services to local residents.  Beautiful and historic downtown streets are commonly used by North Georgia’s cities to present various kinds of cultural festivals in which shoppers can browse among a myriad of unique gifts, decorations, arts and crafts created by artists from all over America.

Because the median family income in North Georgia is relatively high, North Georgia contains upscale outlet store malls with hundreds of designer brand names as well as many smaller boutique malls that feature unique clothing, jewelry, furniture, custom lighting and home accessory stores. In addition to Super Target stores, Walmart Supercenters, Home Depots, Best Buys and other large general merchandise retailers, residents in North Georgia can purchase almost every commodity necessary at shopping centers with large department stores, hundreds of specialty stores, restaurants, snack food courts, movie theaters, skating rinks and even children’s play zones.

Shopping at antique malls and specialty stores in North Georgia

It is not surprising to find many antique malls, antique stores and thrift shops in North Georgia because the entire region has a rich Southern history. Authentic antiques are highly prized by shoppers who enjoy decorating their homes with a classic American or European appearance, and antique malls in North Georgia showcase vintage antiques from many different antique dealers. Hundreds of smaller antique stores throughout North Georgia specialize in various kinds of antique furniture, silverware, pottery, books and other collectible items.

Art stores throughout North Georgia display the work of many well known local painters, potters and sculptors along with a colorful array of historic Appalachian folk art. Specialty stores of all kinds can be found in North Georgia’s cities and towns including ethnic food stores, fresh bread bakeries, home and garden supply stores, baby’s and children’s clothing boutiques, and stores to meet every possible want or need. North Georgia’s cities and towns are renowned for their high standard of living and one of the important conveniences for residents is the wide range of shopping opportunities that exist throughout the region.