Business and Industry

North Georgia Business and Industry

Many counties and cities in North Georgia have developed programs that are designed to assist businesses and stimulate the local economies. Almost every county in North Georgia has a public works department dedicated to assisting business and industry such as a Department of Economic Development or a County Development Authority. Some cities contain historic districts and offer various incentives such as free design assistance and low interest loans to new businesses in those districts. Grant funding may be made available to business owners for store front renovations to maintain the city’s historic preservation design standards.

The City of Alpharetta’s Economic Development Division provides assistance to business and industry by helping business owners find available locations based on the owner’s criteria. An area along Georgia Route 400 between Atlanta and Alpharetta is known as the GA 400 high tech corridor because many advanced technology companies are located there.

The City of Roswell’s Community Development Department also assists new business development by recruiting new businesses that will contribute to Roswell’s goal of maintaining a healthy and balanced economy, and many other cities in North Georgia have similar community development programs.

Resources for businesses in North Georgia

In 1962, the Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center was created in order to provide technical assistance to city governments, to encourage economic development in the region, and to increase the number of available jobs. The Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center in Gainesville offers a wide variety of services to 51 participating governments, including 13 counties and 38 municipalities. It also interacts with many different state and federal agencies to secure economic and community development based grants and loans for North Georgia’s communities.

Most cities in North Georgia have a Chamber of Commerce that can be an excellent resource for business owners. The Chambers of Commerce are member supported organizations whose mission is to serve businesses by promoting education and strategic growth, enhancing the quality of life, and creating a positive business climate for the entire community. Chamber of Commerce members in North Georgia benefit from business referrals, discount advertising specials, opportunities to join in community events, and they are able to network with other business owners to actively promote their products and services.